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Kitchen and his knee chip

Kitchen came to the farm in March 2017 due to retiring from racing. When he arrived, he had a small high bow on his left front and a swollen knee on his left. We treated both and the left leg healed great! The right leg still had some swelling but it seemed, after veterinary examination, that it was more cosemtic and due to a tear in the fuscia. We had the vet our to do xrays of his hooves since he was selected to be demo horse in a Pete Ramey hoof clinic. Since xray out, did xray his knee... and there was a small chip. Xrays were sent to a joint specialist and it is recommended that it be removed. Thus this is our current fundraiser - surgery for Kit! If you would like to help out, select our donate button and then be sure to email so we know to look for your help!

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