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Kitchen...yes, just Kitchen

Well, I actually like to call him Kit-Kat. His full jockey club name is Kitchen. I believe it was our barn buddy Steph that asked if we called him Maytag.. ( this made me laugh!). Kitchen pretty much embodies what Canter Haven Farm is all about. Kitchen needed to retire from racing due to not being track sound. At the time, there was a little bump on his tendon. When he arrived, we had the Vet out to do a standard exam. His knee had a bit of fluid so we had an x-ray done and that is when we found the bone chip. Our vet recommended we take him to one of the best Orthopedic board certified surgeons so we made an appointment. A few weeks later, we were headed to Comstock Equine Hospital in Nevada. It was the largest chip they had removed from a knee! After a 3 day stay, we came home and Kitchen's recovery began. We were allowed to bring him back to work after 6 weeks but as there was no hurry, after his required stall rest and joint injections every 2 weeks for 2 months , Kitchen got to just be a horse for the next year and a half. I will admit, time escaped me! The original goal was to bring him back to work 6 months or so after the surgery but then it was a year later...and time kept ticking along. But now he is being brought back to work with the help of Dynamic Equestrian and Travis Atkinson. I am very thankful to have such a great coach. As Kitchen is basically a clean slate, I knew I had the opportunity to start him out right and that is what we are doing. With Travis coaching us, we are building a solid foundation for Kit. Rather than rushing the process and then having to fill in the 'holes' later, Kitchen is being equipped with the proper tools for success. By incorporating the Dynamic Equestrian program into our training, Kitchen is learning how to be a balanced and confident equine.

Keep an eye out for more posts about Kitchen as my goal is to keep a detailed log of his training!

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