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Thoroughbred Classic Holiday show cancelled - another major disappointment for 2020

Last saturday was the Arena Cross at my local barn, Dynamic Equestrian, and it was the highlight of the year thus far! Stadium and XC, what could be better? Rainmaker did wonderfully. Next show would be Lynnleigh 2 phase and then the Thoroughbred Holiday Classic. Even though still 2 months away, I was going to start getting ready! Corgis would need their Christmas costumes for the best barn dog contest, needed to plan the barn/stall decorations, and of course, get pumped for the Calcutta ( and the catered dinner). As I was cleaning stalls, ideas for the fun events at the December show raced through my head. Then 2 friends tagged me in a post on facebook. The Thoroughbred Holiday Classic was cancelled.


Before I get lectured by some that it's just a show, I will freely debate that point. The Thoroughbred Classic is not just a show, it is THE show. There are 2 offered a year and both are a must attend. Not for ribbons, not for prizes, but for the experience that these shows offer OTTBs and their riders. These shows offer everything over a 2 day period. If day one did not go so well, the plan for day 2 can be modified to give horse and or rider a more positive experience. Was day 1 too easy and equine half asleep? Well, challenge yourself and your TB a bit and go the next level. How about some of everything - dressage, hunters, jumpers, combined training, Eventing, western, Derby and Jumper Stakes all at one show. That is what makes the TB classics so unique. No other show does this. You have your Hunter and Jumper only shows, Dressage only shows, 2-phase shows, eventing events, and all breed shows that may have some dressage classes or an over fence but they are mostly flat classes. But the TB classics offer everything over a 2 day period AND they are affordable! You can bring your green TB that has only done cross rails and have a great time without breaking the bank. Then go try some dressage, or maybe some western! As all the horses are thoroughbreds, there is great camaraderie amongst the show participants. Got a competitive streak? Well, Yes! We own and ride thoroughbreds! Chances of winning fun prizes and even cash possible in the Dressage Challenge, Jumper Stakes, Hunter Derby and Eventing Challenge.

Then there are the after show events like The Trainer and Jockey Calcutta. Cheer on your favorite Trainer or Jockey team as they ride OTTBs over a stadium course while raising money for Thoroughbred organizations (CARMA). Congratulate those that won the barn decorating contest, best christmas horse, and best christmas barn dogs. Socialize with fellow OTTB owners and recap the fabulous day of showing over a stylish catered meal that is offered at no charge to competitors.

All possible of this at one show. No other show organizer, that I have found, offers such possibilities!

So 2020- you suck. I was tolerating all the other unusualness of this year, even when you took away the March TB classic, but now the line has been crossed. The December TB classic was much needed in so many ways but you stole that too.

Here is a flashback to Galway Downs March 2019 Thoroughbred classic - cross county and hunter 3'. 2021 cannot come soon enough!


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