Our Re-ride wooden horses are handmade and painted with acrylic or oil paints ( or both!). Each wooden horse has real mane and tail donated by one of the OTTBs during regular grooming.  These are about 13" x 9" and each is unique! $30 each and price includes shipping to continental US. 


All proceeds from our Re-ride horses goes directly to the OTTBs and to help bring other retiring thoroughbreds to the farm


Stuff that works ( aka. products we like and USE!)

grand calm.jpg

Grand Calm.  Added Grand Calm to Rainmaker's barn mash once a day as Rainmaker seemed to get rather anxious and this would interfere with his training. To see if we could find something to help improve his focus, we were recommended this product. And it seems to help him!  Rainmaker can be quite reactive and since he has been on Grand Calm, he is must less reactive and does seem to be able to focus on the task, thus keeping his retraining successful!

Succeed Paste. Gus and I were the most improved pair at a Lucinda Green clinic.  We won a 90 day supply of Succeed.  I was thrilled. I split the supply between Gus and Kitchen.  Kitchen, who would lay down after meals about twice a week, no longer did this.  He also tossed his head while eating, even in winter when no bugs around and even after dental work.  Once on Succeed, his head tossing behavior almost completely stopped.  Gus, overall, just seemed more comfortable and less irritated 

Last Caper does not like metal shoes.  His hoof wall became progressively thinner with each shoeing.  He also does not like barefoot due to thin hoof walls and heels that insisted on being under-run.  So Glue on was the next choice and they have been wonderful for him.  These are the Easy care performance glue on and used with the Equibond glue, Caper has done great.  Yes, there is maintenance and prep time is a bit intensive but these work for him!

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 9.52.47 PM.png

Flex Horse Boots - Love these.  Have used them while galloping on the cross county course, doing tight turns on the jumper course, and out on a casual trail ride. Easy to put on and they stay on.  I only wish they had 'in-between' sizes.  Kitchen will be trying the Equine joggers so will update on those!

We also use the Renegade hoof boots and a good choice for the barefoot OTTBs that are going through re-hab or who do good barefoot but may need some extra protection on unusual terrain.  Easy to put on and take off

Canter Haven is a supplier of California Trace, a nutritional supplement for horses.  Cal Trace was first brought to our attention during a barefoot trimming clinic and after having the horses on it for 6 months, we did notice healthier hooves and more shine to their coats.  Our farrier, who also works on other horses in this area, asked why Canter Haven hooves were in so much better shape.  Much more stronger walls that other local equines.  We don't ship the Cal Traces as it would be the same cost and probably more convenient for you to just buy from the Cal Trace site but we do keep some on hand for our local friends and for those who are willing to meet us at a show or other location for delivery.  Please email if interested in a bag. Available in powder or pellets (the CHF horses like powder best!).