OTTB (off the track thoroughbred)

OTTBs, also known as ex-race horses, are horses who's racing career has ended and are looking for new homes, new careers. Race trained thoroughbreds are often highly competitive, very athletic with tremendous hearts.  With proper re-training, OTTBs can adjust well to a new life of being a show or pleasure horse.


Here are a few of our horses that are available for rehoming and adoption.  Adoption contracts are required as the longterm safety and happiness of our equines is paramount!  Adoption fees vary so please contact us for more information.




Windu join our farm when she was just a yearling.  She was part of a herd of thoroughbreds ( and possible others) that were turned out to pasture and left unmonitored for over a year.  The family stepped in and worked to find all the horses, and foals, homes.  We feel she is a thoroughbred cross.  No tattoo and a smaller mare at 14.2 1/2 hh. Too big to be a pony but a small horse! She has been ridden, started over jumps and has gone on trail rides.  She does need a refresher as she has not been ridden for about 2 years as she has become the 'herd' of our 19yr old retired warhorse.  We do think we can find him another mare if she finds her future human!

Update: Ms. Windu is being brought back to work! This is her 2nd ride in 2 weeks ( after being unridden for 2 years!). No spook, no silly.  A little wiggly but willing.  


High Alert  (aka. Red)

Red retired from racing December 2017 and joined Canter Haven Farm.  He had a chip removed from his knee while on the track and was still able to race but occasionally a small lump would appear so Trainer decided to retire him from racing.  He is a very sweet, sensitive boy who wants to please.  We have been doing flat work, where is has shown that he is light in the hands and can carry himself very well.  We just started adventuring out of the arena going for rides through the bushes, on the roads, and such.  He is still building up his confidence and sometimes the big, wide world is exciting but he is more than willing to try new things. 


Rainmaker Creation (aka. RC)

RC was retired from racing due to a splint fracture.  After a few months of downtime, he was going to be back to racing but the owner felt it was time to retire him from racing and let him find a new career.  We gave him some more downtime and a series of shockwave therapy.  The fracture healed nicely and we started him back under saddle. After just a few months, he was participating in western shows and low hunter classes. He even took first place in his first ever medal class!  He will test his rider and does have moments that require an experienced, confident rider.  RC will only be re-homed to a professional with references or to an intermediate/advanced rider who is working with an established trainer.  Please contact us for more info and details.