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Esprit glue-on special shoes, week 9

Week 9 since we started trying out these stick on shoes and Horse #1 still has the original pair. No separation, no wiggle, no issues. Doing fine in the snow and mud. Going to take them off this weekend so the update will be how are they to get off! This horse, due to the weather, has recently only been ridden in indoor arena or around on the paved roads.


Horse #2 = he is on his second set. He lost the left one at week 4 ( which is not unsual for him no matter what kind of shoe - nail on, other glue on, etc.) It was still well attached on the sides but it cracked at the bar support. We replaced the lost one as the right one was firmly attached. He got a new set on both front hooves a little over 2 weeks ago. This horse is ridden multiple times a week even in winter at various indoor arenas.


Horse # 3

The left one came off at week 6 and as we had mud and snow, and not riding him due to the lovely weather, did not replace. The right one came off last week when he was dashing around in the snowy pasture.

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