The monthly box

Yes, I may be a sucker. I saw the Bark Box ad on facebook with a special offer so I did it. The Corgis love their monthly box. In fact, now they get excited whenever I open any box due to the joy their Bark Box brings them. The toys are fun, the treats are good ( or so Winston and Hannah tell me) and fresh. I have now gone beyond my planned 3 months of Bark Box as I look forward to getting the box too, just so I can open it with both doggies waiting patiently for their surprise. If anyone wants to try Bark Box, I believe you can get one month free -and my shamless request that you use my code so that the corgis too get a free month!

STAR puppy

When I signed Hannah up for puppy class, I specifically looked for a program that was recognized by the AKC. The Great Salt Lake Dog club was on the AKC recommended training programs so we signed up! It took Hannah about 4 classes to start to visit and play with the bigger puppies. The newfie pup was a bit too scary even though he really was a gentle giant. She preferred the adorable Cocker Spaniel and terrier pups. But by the 6th class, she was playing with most puppies. We passed our class and the AKC sent Hannah her STAR puppy award. Here is more info for the GSL Dog club:


Canter Haven Farm is home to 2 Welsh Pembroke Corgis. Winston was adopted when he was 5 years old and a few months later puppy Hannah joined the family. Corgis seem to have knack for understanding horses and barn rules. Theses happy, friendly dogs are big on personality but in a small package. Easy to pick up and situate in the back seat of your truck for another horse show adventure. They are willing to hang out at the tack room while all those who pass by and smile when seeing this adorable dwarf dog. Everyone wants to pet the corgi.

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