A new surprise every month

The OTTBs have an opportunity to get their hooves on a box of treats and other horsey items! SaddleBox has generously offered to sponsor Canter Haven Farm and send the OTTBs some goodies. We are excited to get our very own box! Check them out if you like surprises and a great way to try new items. Not sure what to get a horse lover? Send a SaddleBox as a unique gift that your rider, and their horse!

A 2-Phase to welcome the coming of fall

Rain! After one of the hottest and driest of Summers, finally some rain! Of course it came on show day but I'll take it. Rainmaker ( aptly named in regards to today!) at the fabulous Lynnleigh farm 2- phase. His first time at Lynnleigh and very happy with his performance. RC can be a tad reactive in new places. By 'a tad' I mean 0 to 10 in 1 second. We had a game plan - he warmed up for dressage on the XC field and would avoid the indoor. You see, RC does not like crowds. Horses coming towards him can cause anxiety which equals slight meltdown. I am familiar with said meltdowns but it tends to cause problems for other around us so even though raining, we stayed outside for warmup! A goo

Quarantined? Join in the fun

As 2020 has started something new - the online horse show, find a good one! I participated in a few different online shows this year and the Cheery Acres Online show ( and Series) has been the best! Very well organized, great competitors that cheer each other on, responsive organizer, great judges, great prizes, and so much more. The Fall series has just started - check it out on Facebook and start recording those rides!

Online horse shows - Hello 2020

Our favorite event, The Thoroughbred Class in California was the first to be canceled. Other shows soon followed suit. What to do? Some may say it is just a show or roll their eyes at those of us who competitive but for me and the OTTBs, shows offer a platform to evaluate where we are in our training, how we can handle a new environment and fine tune our skills. It is not all about getting a ribbon. With shows unable to open their gates, know what? Well, all work meetings went virtual so why not shows? Entered Rainmaker in the Cheery Acres Online show series. The first show we just did 2 over fence classes and a hunter hack. I was hooked! In fact, these online shows are quite challeng

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