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Online horse shows - Hello 2020

Our favorite event, The Thoroughbred Class in California was the first to be canceled. Other shows soon followed suit. What to do? Some may say it is just a show or roll their eyes at those of us who competitive but for me and the OTTBs, shows offer a platform to evaluate where we are in our training, how we can handle a new environment and fine tune our skills. It is not all about getting a ribbon.

With shows unable to open their gates, know what? Well, all work meetings went virtual so why not shows? Entered Rainmaker in the Cheery Acres Online show series. The first show we just did 2 over fence classes and a hunter hack. I was hooked! In fact, these online shows are quite challenging:

1) Setting up the fences to match the prescribed course and getting the striding right

2) Filming quality videos

3) uploading quality videos that everyone in the group will see

4) Riders and horses from all over the world

5) Deadlines to get videos uploaded and entered

6) Watching your own videos ( as my toughest critic)

These shows kept me working with Rainmaker and helping him approve so we can be ready for in-person shows, hopefully. Also kept him in show condition!


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