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Improving my riding on the couch

Winter time. The sun is going down at 530 pm, soon it will be dark at 5pm. It does seem that we will need to win the lottery in order to put up an covered arena for year round riding, so until that happens, winter is not the preferred time of year. But hope is not lost for the next 4 months! One of our wonderful supporters has located an indoor arena that we can schedule to use that is not too far of a drive and we have our weekend coaching sessions with the fabulous Dynamic Equestrian, so OTTBs will prevail!

For the weekdays, once the sun vanishes and the chill of the air causes me to retreat indoors, I have discovered I have been wanting to clinic with Bernie Traurig for sometime but as not seeing any clinics coming to this area, I signed up for the next best thing - online videos. I will admit, I was a tiny bit apprehensive about doing this as online information can either be quite good or a complete flop. I am happy to report in my first 21 hours of being a member, I am sold. The video quality is top notch. The sound is as if you are standing right next to the clinician. The riders are real! They make errors, their horses are expressive, there are bucks and hops, there are young green-beans learning a new task! Unlike some clinician videos where they bring out their perfectly trained, robotic steed that can do all the tasks even before the clinician ask for them, these videos are wonderful examples of things most of us are dealing with on a daily basis. Check it out. If you take the plunge and want to try a monthly membership, use CANTERHAVEN as the coupon code for a 10% discount ( and Canter Haven Farm gets some $ too!)

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