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Diagnosis - the bad and the good

2 months ago, Canter Haven Farm was contacted by one of our supportive Veterinarian friends about an OTTB looking for a forever home. He has been diagnosed with kissing spine. Being recommended by one of our Veterinarian is always an honor so we opened the stalls doors to this new OTTB. While waiting to get him transported to us, have spent a lot of time reading about kissing spine as well as practicing exercises to help KS horses. While working with Rainmaker and practicing new therapeutic methods, he had a sudden reaction that caused me to pause. As most of those who have seen Rainmaker, he is either amazing or not. There is no in-between! Has had moments that are very reactive and challenging. Even after physical exams that he often passed, started thinking he may have more psychological issues ( if horses can be bi-polar). Last fall, I took him to a show and he was just not into it at all and even more reactive than 'usual'. Scratched from show.

So once back home I gave him time off, tried some other therapies but the negative odd behaviors were still present, no improvement. After reading a lot about KS due to the new guy coming, decided to have Rainmaker fully checked out and see if the problem is truly physical. His xrays do show kissing spine. I am actually relieved to have something verified! One of the spinous process does have a lesion as well. So we started with injections - 6 sites on each side of his spine. There is more to the plan to help him out but this is the first part. Love our equine vets! Hoping that he can still be the cutest hunter/jumper with proper therapy as he does like having job!


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