Week 2 of Glue on shoe

2 weeks the Glue on ( stick on) shoes have been on the 3 horses. Horse 2, OTTB, has had several rides on the flat, jumping, and jumper show. Shoes still going strong! Jumper show was on grass and no slipping. Thinking about putting a set on his hind hooves as well. There is a slight separation on one of the rear flaps, near the top, but still firmly attached.

7 mile trail ride on the island

And the stick on glue shoes are just fine. No separation of tabs from hoof, still fully attached, all good. Terrain mix of sand. rocks, gravel, and some mud. Granted, just day one but day zero was Jedi (horse 1) dashing through pasture, sliding a little bit as a tad wet and he can be a little bit of a clutz! Day 1 = trail ride! Horse 2 - 2 pature turns out and day 1 flat/jumping = shoes all good. Also just fine for jumping. So far so good! Some pics of the view from the island

Product review - Glue on Shoes ( stick on in this case!)

Over the last 18 years, I have been on a mission to find a great alternative to nail on shoes for my OTTBs. Many of them seem to have less that great feet but if given the chance to grow a good heel and solid hoof wall, seems that would be a beneficial thing, yes? But for some the nail holes cause weakness and I even had one that no matter what the farrier tried, nail on shoes destroyed his hoof wall. So I went with glue ons. Over the last 3 years, I have gotten pretty skilled with the easy care glue on shoes. The glue of choice was equibond from the Epona site. I could glue on most horses and even those who had time limits - Black vet wrap is great for wrapping the shoe while the glue

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