2019 Re-Cap: The clinics

As it is nearing the end of the year, thinking a re-cap of 2019 is in order. To start, a re-cap of the wonderful clinicians that I was able to learn from this year. The year started when I registered for the Lucinda Green clinic that would take place in April 2019. After I submitted my registration, I was excited but also had a feeling of dread. Lucinda Green, a world class rider! I was in way over my head. The Lucinda clinic was at Skyline Eventing park so arrived a day early to get Gus settled in a stall, the trailer hooked up and to have some time to breath! Lucinda Green- way over my head! The first day of the clinic, I watched the group before mine. Such great riders and lovely

"If you are too comfortable, it's time to move on"

One of my riding friends shared this quote: " If you are too comfortable, it's time to move on. Terrified of whats next? You are on the right track." - Susan Fales-Hill This applies to riding and to always do better to help your horse be better. It is so easy to get comfortable and repetitious with our riding. For me, I want to keep growing and keep getting better. I have also found that horses, specifically track trained thoroughbreds, also want to keep advancing. They seem to make up unnecessary behaviors when they become overly comfortable with a task ( or bored). It is important to keep challenging the OTTB brain, even if it means going outside of the riders comfort zone. But be care

Improving my riding on the couch

Winter time. The sun is going down at 530 pm, soon it will be dark at 5pm. It does seem that we will need to win the lottery in order to put up an covered arena for year round riding, so until that happens, winter is not the preferred time of year. But hope is not lost for the next 4 months! One of our wonderful supporters has located an indoor arena that we can schedule to use that is not too far of a drive and we have our weekend coaching sessions with the fabulous Dynamic Equestrian, so OTTBs will prevail! For the weekdays, once the sun vanishes and the chill of the air causes me to retreat indoors, I have discovered Equestriancoach.com. I have been wanting to clinic with Bernie Traurig

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