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A 2-Phase to welcome the coming of fall

Rain! After one of the hottest and driest of Summers, finally some rain! Of course it came on show day but I'll take it.

Rainmaker ( aptly named in regards to today!) at the fabulous Lynnleigh farm 2- phase. His first time at Lynnleigh and very happy with his performance. RC can be a tad reactive in new places. By 'a tad' I mean 0 to 10 in 1 second. We had a game plan - he warmed up for dressage on the XC field and would avoid the indoor. You see, RC does not like crowds. Horses coming towards him can cause anxiety which equals slight meltdown. I am familiar with said meltdowns but it tends to cause problems for other around us so even though raining, we stayed outside for warmup! A good dressage score and stadium completed!

Always have a plan to set your horse, and yourself, up for success. Know your horse and what will give him/her the best experience as every time we take them somewhere or ride them, we are training.


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