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Birthday Bridle

Happy birthday to me! I saw these a few months ago and as I received some bday cash, decided that we get a new ergonomic bridle! I have the Micklem, which do love, but this looks like another ergonomically correct concept so giving it a try.

The leather quality is very good. I did need to find a set of reins but that was easy enough. It has a nice pad on the crown and little pads ont eh cheeks. Will see what the OTTBs think. It is the Collegiate ComFiTec fancy stitched. They have a few versions, some with bling bling but I stuck with Traditional - which probably does not matter as the nose band is not hunter style so would be considered untraditional, possibly, in hunter land. Good thing we are moving Gus Gus to Jumpers/eventing. Will break out the hunter approved bridles when required!

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