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Succeed - Kitchen's feedback

Even though Kitchen was not the one at the Lucinda Green Clinic with me rather it was his barn buddy, Gus, I decided to split our 3 month supply between Gus and Kitchen.

Kitchen has had some indications of belly discomfort off and on - head tossing like there are bugs bothering but in the middle of winter ( no bugs), lifting his lip, pawing the ground and laying down after eating. I have been wanting to try Succeed as it is reported to improve digestive health but with several horses, who would get it or enough for all of them - hard decision and the cost to put 8 OTTBs on it was prohibitive. So I decided to try other products. But we were given a 3 month supply as Gus and I were the most improved at the Lucinda clinic!

Kitchen loves the paste. He tries to take the tube out of my hand. His head tossing has become very infrequent as has the pawing and wanting to lay down after meals. I feel it has helped him! We have 1 box left , 15 tubes for Kit and 15 tubes for Gus, and will continue to monitor.

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