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It's all about positive training, and fun!

The show season for 2019 is winding down and today was the Lynnleigh Farm 2 phase schooling show. Gus and I attended the full series this year at Novice level and today was his best dressage test yet at Lynnleigh. For those not familiar with Lynnleigh farm, it is an equine oasis in the south end of the Salt Lake valley. The dressage arena sits up a slight hill and surrounded by trees, away from the schooling area/barn. Thus some horses may find this a tad concerning as they are alone and away from their buddies. Gus found this to be a great reason to act out, show off his exceptional ability to leap into the air, squeal, kick out and many other unwanted skills. Today, even with a visit from 2 deer, he kept his focus and only showed off his dressage skills. That, in itself, is a great accomplishment and shows that our consistent training is working. We still have much to improve on but the foundation is being built.

Beginning of year and now October ---->

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