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Bernie Traurig clinic

I have wanted to ride with Bernie for years and finally, it happened. I also learned about organizing a clinic as I brought him to Utah! With the help of Wasatch Range Eventing and Skyline Eventing, I was able to pull it off but not without the normal chaos! Had to change the venue 2 days before due to nasty weather but luckily I was able to get the indoor arena at the SLCO equestrian park.

What a great clinic! I learned so much and areas that I have struggled were corrected. And it was so simple! Bernie has a great eye and can correct a problem area with just a simple adjustment that is clear to the horse. Seems that is us riders that make things overly complex! I have struggled with Gus leaning hard to the inside on corners and I have used the inside leg to outside rein to try to move him out but usually Gus just gets annonyed. Bernie had me keep me leg off and just shape him out with the rein aids. So simple and Gus responded immediately and without the standard cranky gus attitude.

My next area that I have been trying to improve on is my arms and my release. Well with Gus now happier and not resisting ( due to my multitude of aids overloading him), I could follow him so much better over the fences.

Now to keep practicing! I hope to attending one of Bernie's workshops next year. Until then I have to keep me focused and learning.


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