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Re-set the blog goal!

Okay! So the goal was to do a blog about the farm, the OTTBs and such on a regular basis. I am a few months behind. Reset and apply what I have learned over the years - make the goal obtainable. Thus new plan - will post a least a short note once a week. Does not have to long and involved. Just a blurb about what's going on with the best equines on the planet - OTTBs!!

Rainmaker! By far the most challenging. I keep my game face on whenever I ride him as he is so many things. He is one I will chat about a lot as he encompasses a lot of emotion. Some days he is just the best and others - I cannot let my guard down for a second, and that is hard. I think we all want to have a connection with our equine. Want a partner! Some days, he is that partner. Other days, that would a hard stop and the biggest nope - not today.

I have consistently entered him in an online show since 2020, when horse shows were being cancelled due to COVID. For anyone who thinks online shows are easy, not so much! You are putting yourself out there for the Facebook world to see as well as anyone who clicks onto your video link. Thus more scrutiny than any in-person show. Granted, there is the possibly of a 'do over' when making videos, so

that can save the day for sure, but I do choose to keep my videos as real life showing as possible. The exception being when Rainmaker has a total, and complete meltdown - not going to broadcast that. Remember, my goal is promote OTTBs!

Rainmaker won a series championship for the spring series. Good Boy! I encourage those who have thought about online showing but have not taken the leap to give it a try. In my case, I had to really get my striding down between jumps. Sure, you always walk the lines at the show that was set up so nice by the course designer and you say how many strides were set BUT when you have to do it in your own arena, own jumps - you learn even better! I also have more respect for equitation.

Yes, where the cones are does matter or else disqualified!

To check out a great online show: On FB, search for Cheery Acres Online Horse show. Winter series starts in December. One more show in the Fall series ( November) so give it a try!


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